Manga are Japanese comic books that have unique characteristics. Firstly, they are colorful and secondly they come with exaggerated  body features. When it comes to genres, you can literally find a manga for all the genres in the world. We talk of supernatural, horror, romance, comic, drama, fiction the list is endless. And while most manga are read, there are some that have earned themselves several seasons of Anime adaptations because they were just so good. If only there were a few online casino games that were turned into series as well.

Top Manga Adaptations


Naruto is one the best when it comes manga turned into Anime. The manga was first released in 1997 and has since caught the eyes of many readers and viewers around the world. The manga was written by Masahi Kishimoto and follows the life of the young ninja Naruto and his friends who all have very unique an interesting powers. 

Both the manga and the series were so popular that the series actually over the manga. Also, it managed to earn the creation if several movies as well several series and spinoffs as well. 


Published in 199, Yu-Gi-Oh like Naruto managed to capture the hearts of many around the world. The manga was written by Kazuki Takahashi. Yu Gi is boy who plays with cards, but these are not ordinary as they are cards whose monsters are able to come to life. And once your monster is beat, you will face the damage as well. 

Yu-Gi-Oh also managed to get itself several spinoffs and it also managed to get several movies as well. The storyline is very compelling and it one of the most unique storylines in the creation of manga.

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is a manga that was created in 1996 and it managed to get eth attention of the whole world. It got several spinoffs and the series was popular even in other continents outside Asia as well. 

Dragon Ball, follows the life of a ninja Goku as he battles with different evils that attack the world. Goku has different power levels and one those level involves them turning into an Ape. The peak of their power levels is Mastered Ultra Instinct. With each of these different power levels, Goku and the other saiayans battle forces that seek to end the world.

Ping Pong the Animation

When looking for a manga turned anime that manages to check all the right level of animation, then this one does the trick. While the original manga was not one that managed to the catch of many, the animation managed to catch the eyes many and has been therefore dubbed as one the best manga tuned anime.

Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby is one of the classic manga turned anime like Naruto, and Yu-Gi-Oh. Both the manga and the anime were quite brilliant. And while in most cases anime want to cut out on some of the source material, this one did justice as it manages to capture the essence of the manga. We talk of the great translations as well some of the best adaptations in the anime world.