There are normal cartoons and there is something that is called Anime. Anime are like cartoons but on a whole new level. There are not like those cartoons that you would think are watched and made specifically for children. Anime is more than that, way more than that. And if you aren’t already watching it we have 8 good reasons why you need to start watching Anime today.

Why You Need To Watch Anime

  1. Rarely Cancelled

One of the main reasons why you need to watch Anime is that it is rarely ever candled. As such, when the series is done, you are sure that all the questions that you had throughout the series are already answered.

2.It Is Unique And Interesting

We mentioned earlier that we have cartoons and then we have Anime. You see Anime is way different from the other cartoon that you would watch on TV. There is something about Anime that makes it unique as such, it always stands out. And while other cartoons may have a similar storyline, with anime we can assure you that you will be able to always get something different.

3.It’s Realistic

Not realistic in the sense that the characters are like humans without their superpowers, but unlike cartoons, the characters here actually have flaws. Even the most loved superheroes in anime have flaws and they die as well. While most of the viewers hate this, for some it gives more of a realistic feel. And it also shows those who watch it that it okay to have a few flaws.

4.It Has Strong Female Characters

There has always been a lack of strong female characters be it in movies or as we play online casino slot games. But with Anime there are more strong female characters then there will be male characters. 

5.There Is Variety

Another reason why many people would chose to watch anime is because they have variety. That same variety that we get in the movies is literally the same variety that we will be able to get from anime as well. As such, you will definitely be able to find to watch something that suits your taste, whether it is horror, erotic, comedy, we can assure you that Anime has it. 

6.Anime Is Practically Endless

Anime is like a soapy or drama that have several episodes or seasons. That is the same with Anime. The storyline possibilities are endless. That is why they are rarely ever cancelled. And even when it ends, they make sure to wrap everything up and leave no lose ends. 

7.It Open Your Eyes To Japanese Culture

Movies, films, cartoon and Anime have always been the eyes of the society. As such, one of their main functions has always be open you eyes to hidden things and cultures. And with Anime in particular, it opens you eyes to Japanese culture. 

8.Why Not?

Our last reason why you read manga and watch anime, is why not? We mean they are fun and exciting and have all genres covered.