Creativity comes in all shapes and forms and one of those many forms is Manga. Manga are Japanese comic books and they are nothing like the western comic books that most of us know. They are unique and have their own different style of creativity and artwork. 

The main characteristic of Manga is that it has exaggerated facial features and bright colours. And an interesting fact about Manga is that the word has an interesting meaning, “ma” means aimless and “–ga” means pictures.

Manga : The Japanese Comic Books

Many readers will in most cases confuse manga and anime. These two are very similar at the same time they are very different as well. Simply put the difference between manga and anime is that one is watched and the other one is read. 

We mentioned earlier that Manga are comic books, and these are the ones that are read. Anime on the other had are cartoons that are in most cases created from the manga that you would have read. You will also note that both manga and anime are very colourful and have the same characteristics.

Most of the popular manga are created into cartoon versions those are the called Anime. Some of the most common Manga that were tuned in into Anime were Naruto and Dragon Ball Z. These two manga were turned into Anime and even have their own movies as well. 

There are also manga that can be adopted into live action movies, like Ghost in Shell that was released in 2017 featuring Scarlett Johansson. It was created after a manga of the same name that was written by Msamune Shirow and published by Kodashana.

This shows you just how popular Manga  are and how they have managed to gain the attention of the whole world. People from all over the world read manga and they enjoy them as well. That is why there are also several online sites where you are able to read manga as well. 

Why We Love Manga

Just like there are several reasons why we love online casino games, we also have a number of reasons why we love Manga.

  1. The variety is endless
  2. They are entertaining and unique
  3. They are very colourful
  4. The art style is very creative
  5. Some of them will teach you about Japanese culture
  6. They are able to cater to all age groups of readers


To wrap it all up, the world of manga is one that is very interesting and one that many love to step into. Like the world of online casino games, the world of Manga has lot to offer all its fans. Therefore, don’t be shy and step in so that you can discover the endless lists of manga that you enjoy reading. The best part being that you can always read for free. But we do have a fair warning to give you, once you start reading manga it’s hard to go back. Because they are just so fun and exciting.